May Demo’s with Alison Hulme and Alice Blogg

In May we welcomed two very engaging speakers to the society, Alison Hulme who works with textiles and Alice Blogg working with wood.

Alison brought some amazing projects to show us of hand stitching, machine stitching and printing fabrics. Her final piece for her degree was a design incorporating an image of a man laying on a sheet, the detail in the work was a joy to behold, and her narrative kept us enthralled. Her main market is in the lovely hand printed pinnies she makes, each one being made as a unique item

fiona pics 2

Alice brought along some of her lampshades, and after a delightful talk taking us through her career to date she demonstrated the making of the petals for her lampshades using hand made moulds. Her work and design ethic shone though her talk, and made a brilliant evening.


Thank you Alison and Alice for making May such an entertaining month and the Fairoak Art and Craft Society.

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