Entering Exhibitions

About entering for our Exhibitions

During our exhibitions we welcome members of the public to view a display of our work in a formal but friendly environment. It is also an opportunity for the public to purchase paintings and craft items. Visitors are encouraged to vote for their favourite pictures and craft displays.

We hold two annual exhibitions – one in April and one in November, usually over the Remembrance Weekend. Exhibitions are from 10.00 to 4.30 on Saturday and Sunday.

The autumn exhibition also includes a tombola with items donated by members and for which both members and the visiting public may buy tickets.

Eligibility: Any paid up member is eligible to enter work in the exhibitions.

All entries must be included on the appropriate entry forms which will be available online, by e-mail or at our Wednesday evening meeting, a few weeks before the exhibition. Forms must be returned to the Exhibition Secretary or nominated member of the committee by the closing date specified.

Rules for exhibiting art work

All work must be original.  Copies or machine prints will not be accepted. ‘Copies’ include paintings produced for learning purposes from artists’ originals in tutorial books.  Computer generated art is not acceptable.

Artists may hang up to 7 framed paintings and exhibit as many portfolios as they wish, provided they have entered at least 1 framed painting. Any paintings exhibited must not have been exhibited in either of the two previous exhibitions (i.e. in the previous 12-13 months).

Paintings/pictures are divided into 3 categories

1)    Portfolios – pictures which are mounted but not framed. The portfolio must be enclosed in cellophane and have a society label showing picture title, painting medium, artist and sale price on the front, top left corner of the cellophane cover.

2)    Miniatures – paintings with a maximum size of 6” x 4.5” It is not necessary for miniatures to be framed.

3)    Pictures – all paintings must be framed as appropriate to the size and medium.

Both pictures and miniatures must be hung using appropriate sized “D” rings and picture hanging chord (not wire). Both must have a society label displayed “calendar style” on the centre of the lower frame and showing title of picture, painting medium, artist and sales price.

The fee for hanging a framed painting is currently £1. Miniatures and portfolios are charged 50p each. Fees are payable when entry forms are handed in. The society will also take a 15% commission on any sales of any type of picture.

Rules for exhibiting craft work

Craft exhibits:  All aspects of craft exhibits are currently co-ordinated by Geoff Reaney.

Craft exhibits may also be divided into 3 categories;

1)    Larger items/collections. Members may hire tables for the period of the exhibition. Tables are available in 2 sizes, 6ft long (large) or 4ft long (small). The society will provide table covers.  Details of table requirements and a brief description of the exhibit(s) should be shown on the appropriate entry forms. The form also provides the opportunity for members to show any special requirements which the committee will endeavour to meet. The actual positioning of the tables will be a committee decision. All items/collections should be clearly labelled with an appropriate description and sales price. The fees for hiring tables are currently £10 (large), and £8 (small). No commission is payable on the sale of craft items.

2)    Smaller items/collections and cards may be entered onto the 20% Table. All items should be listed on the appropriate entry form. All items should be clearly labelled with the entrant’s name and price and appropriately sized display stands or boxes may be used. The Society cannot guarantee to display all items submitted at the start of the exhibition but will do so if space permits. No entry fees are charged but the Society will take 20% of the value of all items sold.

3)    Textiles and Hanging Crafts:  These items are treated similarly to pictures. All entries should be framed as appropriate and be fitted with hanging cord. All items must have a Society label showing artist’s name, title of work, material(s) used and the price, hanging under the front of the work, calendar style, a maximum of 7 items can be exhibited. The fee is £1 per item with the 7th being free. The Society will charge 15% commission on any sales.

Advertising our exhibitions

The Society prints a number of A4, A5 and A6 sized flyers/posters for use by members for house/car window display and for handing out to friends, relatives and neighbours etc.

A series of laminated A4 signs are also produced for display on local notice boards and in shop windows as well as a few A2 laminated signs for larger display boards.

We also have wooden notices which are used for local roadside display. Most of these are deployed early in the morning of the start of the exhibition and are recovered immediately after the close.

Most importantly, we also rely on members spreading news about exhibitions to their friends and family by word of mouth.

In addition to all of this we use local radio event information programmes to spread the word.

Exhibition Logistics

Closing dates for all entry forms is normally the last Wednesday evening before the start of the exhibition.

Set up and handing in takes place during the Friday evening before the exhibition. Set up normally starts at about 6pm when all of the display equipment is brought out of our shed and assembled. The refreshments area is also set up. While craft exhibitors set up their own tables a small team of painting members hang the pictures. The exhibition is dismantled and equipment stowed immediately after the end of the exhibition. Volunteers are always needed to help with these tasks!

To avoid congestion there is a timetable for handing in:

Paintings – Should be brought in through the front door, unwrapped, booked in at reception and then placed on the tables awaiting hanging. Members with surnames starting A-J can book their work in between 7pm and 7.15pm. For members with surnames K-Z booking in is between 7.15 and 7.30pm. Unless helping with the picture hanging, members who are only exhibiting paintings are requested not to go into the main hall. Unsold pictures may be taken down by members at the end of the exhibition but must be booked out before being taken away.

Members’ sketchbooks – Should be handed in with paintings. A collection of these will be displayed throughout the exhibition.

Craft items – All craft items may be brought in from 6.30pm using the rear door into the hall. Craft members may dismantle their exhibits once the exhibition has closed. An entry fee is charged up to the closing time and all visitors should have full access to the whole exhibition.


A tea/coffee bar is open for members and visitors throughout the exhibition. This is manned by volunteers on a rota basis. Members wishing to volunteer for cafe duties should add their names to the rota. Members are also asked to donate cakes, pastries (sweet & savoury) and biscuits etc which can be sold during the exhibition. Homemade items are especially popular. Prices for food and drinks will be prominently displayed. (Exhibiting members and volunteers are not charged for drinks.)

The refreshment area is managed by Trudy Dale.


Spring Exhibition

Visitors and members vote for their favourite picture and best craft display.
There will be prizes of chocolates, biscuits or wine for Best Picture and Best Craft Table.

Annual (November) Exhibition

Visitors and members vote for their favourite picture as above. The winning artist receives the Maimie Dickens Trophy. The President nominates the best craft display and the winner is awarded the President’s Trophy.